Marion Linger

Administrative Manager

Marion Linger is the Administrative Manager for Open Nuclear Network (ONN), a programme of PAX sepiens. Prior to joining ONN, Marion worked both in the private sector and in the public sector with entities ranging from a tax accounting agency to an academic life sciences institute. She is an expert in personnel administration and budget planning with a particular focus on Austrian residence and work permits. Marion has experience in supporting and reporting on national and international research projects, maximizing office efficiency through implementing best practices, leading conference administrations and organizing projects in “feel good” staff management. Her interests in diverse cultures, history and literature correspond with her passion for work in an international team environment. Marion is from Northern Italy, speaks three languages fluently - German, Italian and English - and is conversant in two others - French and Russian.

Marion studied at the University of Vienna where she received masters' degrees in communication sciences, political sciences and European studies.

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