Three ONN Team Members Join Younger Generation Leaders Network

YGLN welcomes Veronika Bedenko, Nikita Degtyarev and Valeriia Hesse.

In January 2023, ONN's regional issues strategist Veronika Bedenko, research consultant Nikita Degtyarev and visiting fellow Valeriia Hesse joined the new cohort of the Younger Generation Leadership Network (YGLN). The YGLN is an initiative of the European Leadership Network to bring together rising experts in security policy, economics, civil society and law from across the Euro-Atlantic space.

Formed as a reaction to the Ukraine crisis in 2014, the Network currently covers a broad range of issues, a sample of which include:

  • Russia–US/NATO relations
  • The future of arms control and disarmament
  • Benefits and threats of emerging technologies on Euro-Atlantic security
  • Hostile narratives and disinformation
  • Challenges to the rule of law and strengthening institutions
  • Populism and democracies under pressure

ONN fully supports YGLN's commitment to creating a platform for expert discussions and dialogue, especially as official East-West exchanges have become increasingly sparse and intractable.

Follow the link below to learn more about the YGLN initiative and its members.