"Talk is growing about Seoul going nuclear. But experts warn of costs involved." by Chad O'Carroll for NK News

ONN Director Laura Rockwood shared her insights with NK News.

A South Korean nuclear program could also jeopardize Seoul’s relations with others in the region, and may even push Japan - which many in the South distrust - to consider its own bomb.

And in this regard, Laura Rockwood of the Open Nuclear Network (ONN) said security risks could worsen for South Korea. "The best argument against the ROK developing its own nuclear weapons is its own security - the ROK's acquisition of nuclear weapons would only increase the likelihood of it being targeted by more than just the DPRK," Rockwood told NK Pro.

"Moreover, it could increase the likelihood of other countries in the neighborhood following suit. More nuclear weapons, especially in an area of escalating conflict, is not the solution," she said.

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