ONN at World Korea Forum in Stockholm

In 2021 the 22nd World Korea Forum (WKF) – “Post-Covid-Recovery Conference”, was held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 25-26 October 2021.

The theme was "Continuing a New Horizon for Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula”. The forum was held as an international conference in which more than 100 experts and national leaders from all over the globe participated. Laura Rockwood, ONN Executive Director, was invited to provide a keynote address on "Possibilities and Prospects for Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula''. Also participating were:  Kyunghyup Kim, Member of Parliament of the Republic of Korea and Chairman of its Intelligence Committee; Lukas Mandl, Member of the Parliament of the European Union (EU) and Chair of the EU Parliament's Delegation for the Korean Peninsula; Dr Niklas Swanström, Director of the Institute for Security and Development Policy; and Prof. Dan Smith, Director of the Stockholm International Pease Research Institute (SIPRI).

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