"North Korea's Leader Showed off his Daughter. What Could it Mean?" by Michelle Ye Hee Lee for The Washington Post

ONN Regional Issues Manager and Senior Analyst Rachel Minyoung Lee shared her expert take on the first public appearance of DPRK leader Kim Jong Un's daughter.

"Regardless of the motivation, his daughter's appearance broke norms. Kim is the third generation of his family to lead North Korea, and the Kim leaders' children historically have not made such appearances until after they were designated as successor, noted Rachel Minyoung Lee, an expert in North Korean media propaganda.


'The unprecedented move of unveiling the incumbent leader's child to the public should be understood in the broader context of North Korea's evolving propaganda strategy under Kim Jong Un,' Lee said. 'North Korea in the past decade has made efforts to make propaganda more persuasive and relatable, and that sometimes included increased transparency' and highlighting a more human side of Kim.

'Ju Ae likely was meant to represent future generations, and there is no stronger expression of your resolve than your child,' Lee said."