"North Korea's Kim Has Revealed He Has a Daughter. Why Now?" by Jesse Johnson for The Japan Times

ONN Regional Issues Manager and Senior Analyst Rachel Minyoung Lee contributed to the article by The Japan Times on Kim Jong Un's daughter's recent public appearance.

"Experts say that when it comes to analyzing North Korean propaganda, the higher the level of the person doing the communicating, the more weight attached to the message.

'In short, the level of message reflects the degree of regime commitment, or how seriously it wants external observers to consider the message,' Rachel Minyoung Lee, a nonresident fellow with the 38 North Program at the Stimson Center think tank, wrote in a recent report on analyzing North Korean media.

'Pyongyang is extremely calibrated in its public messaging: what information it releases and how it frames that information, at what level, to whom, and when,' according to Lee. 'By tracking patterns and discerning shifts in trends in the media, one can gain insight into the North Korean leadership’s current thinking and future intentions.' "