"North Korea: What We Can Expect from Kim Jong-un in 2023" by Jean Mackenzie for BBC World News

ONN Regional Issues Manager and Senior Analyst Rachel Minyoung Lee discussed the possible impacts on the DPRK when re-opening.

"Instead, over the past year, North Korea has drawn closer to China and Russia. It could well be in the process of fundamentally changing its foreign policy, said Rachel Minyoung Lee, who worked as a North Korea analyst for the US government for 20 years, and is now with the Open Nuclear Network. 'If North Korea no longer views the US as necessary for its security and survival, it will profoundly impact the shape and form of future nuclear negotiations,' she said.


China's reopening brings hope. North Korea is reportedly vaccinating people living along the border in preparation, but given its precarious healthcare, Ms Lee is cautious. 'Barring an emergency, such as its economy on the brink of collapse, it is unlikely North Korea will fully reopen its borders until the pandemic can be considered over globally, particularly in neighbouring China,' she said."