"NKorea Says It Tested New Weapon, Wants Pompeo out of Talks" by Foster Klug and Kim Tong-Hyung for The Associated Press

Melissa Hanham shared her insights on DPRK's newly developed weapon system.

"Melissa Hanham, a non-proliferation expert and director of the Datayo Project at the One Earth Future Foundation, said the North Korean weapon could be anything from an anti-tank weapon to a cruise missile. The North said Thursday that Kim Jong Un mounted an observation post to learn about and guide the test-fire of the weapon. This is the first known time Kim has observed the testing of a newly developed weapon system since last November, when North Korean media said he watched the successful test of an unspecified 'newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon.' Some observers have been expecting North Korea to orchestrate 'low-level provocations,' like artillery or short-range missile tests, to register its anger over the way nuclear negotiations were going.


'Even if this is not a 'missile' test the way we strictly define it, these people and MID are all sanctioned entities for a reason,' Hanham said."