"Kim Jong Un to Ring in New Year With Missiles and Nuclear Threats" by Jon Herskovitz and Sangmi Cha for Bloomberg

ONN Regional Issues Manager and Senior Analyst Rachel Minyoung Lee shared her assumptions on DPRK's willingness to return to the negotiating table.

"Kim's actions in recent months indicate a broader shift away from the country's long-term goal of normalizing ties with Washington as a buffer against China and Russia, said Rachel Minyoung Lee, who worked as an analyst for the CIA's Open Source Enterprise for almost two decades. That means more policies designed to cope with a prolonged period of hardship, rather than exploring diplomatic overtures, she added. 'Based on North Korea#s official pronouncements and media rhetoric since the beginning of the year, as well as its military actions in recent months, it seems unlikely the country will return to the negotiating table in the near term,' Lee said."