"Kim Jong Un Puts New ICBM, And a Potential Heir, on Parade" by Jon Herskovitz and Shinhye Kang for Bloomberg

ONN Regional Issues Manager & Senior Analyst Rachel Minyoung Lee's comments were featured in a piece on the DPRK Parade discussing the prospects of Kim Jong Un's daughter as a potential heir after her presence at the parade raised succession questions.

"Rachel Minyoung Lee, regional issues manager at the Vienna-based Open Nuclear Network, said the ways state media has referred to Ju Ae over time are noteworthy, but it's too early to read anything about succession into it. 'At this point I remain skeptical, just because succession is a brutal power game, one that requires a lot of balancing act and therefore cautious handling in North Korean media,' said Lee, who added Ju Ae's appearances have a powerful propaganda effect on several fronts, including reinforcing the importance of weapons development and production for the security of future generations."