Announcing ONN Nuclear Risk Reduction Forum 9-10 June

Open Nuclear Network (ONN) is pleased and excited to host an in-person forum for the first time in two years.

The ONN Nuclear Risk Reduction Forum is a gathering of ONN’s Engagement Network members and leading experts and scholars in the fields of conflict de-escalation, security and non-proliferation. The forum aims to inform and impact policy-making as we navigate today’s multifaceted opportunities and challenges.

The theme of this year’s forum is “Conflict De-Escalation on the Korean Peninsula.” How do we deal with an escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula as North Korea continues down a path of advancing its missile and nuclear capabilities? How will the new administration in South Korea affect the already precarious security situation on the Korean Peninsula? How might the shifting global political dynamics shape key regional players’ calculus vis-a-vis North Korea? What do we know about North Korea’s domestic situation after years of international sanctions and a prolonged self-isolation to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak? Last but not least, where does all this leave us in terms of prospects for diplomatic engagement with Pyongyang? 

These are the questions the ONN Nuclear Risk Reduction Forum hopes to address with our distinguished speakers.

ONN Director Laura Rockwood hopes the Forum will help ONN shape an approach for meaningful engagement with the DPRK: